Luxurious pajamas, robes, camisoles, gowns, bras and panties designed for women using the highest quality fabrics and silks. Shop Julianna Rae today.

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Because of its natural protein structure, silk is the most hypoallergenic of all fabrics; An all-climate fabric, silk is warm and cozy in winter and comfortably cool when temperatures rise.
For actually sleeping, there was the nightgown, nightcap, and night-jacket. The nightgowns were similar to a chemise, as in a fairly straight plain cut, but usually .
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Thermal underwear is a type of clothing worn beneath your top layers to keep your body warm, especially during harsh winter temperatures. Made from specialty fabric to protect against the cold, women’s thermal underwear traps body heat to provide warmth.
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Luxurious pajamas, robes, camisoles, gowns, bras and panties designed for women using the highest quality fabrics and silks. Shop Julianna Rae today.

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Evening Lounge Silk Pajama. My Newest Crush Silk Pajamas. Le Soir Silk Sleep Shirt. Le Soir Silk Lounge Pant. Upon rising she would put on velvet, cloth, leather, or sheepskin slippers, and she could select dressing gown, wrapper, or peignoir, which were names for what we today would think of as a bathrobe, but there were differences.

A British dressing gown circa , an American wrapper circa , and a French peignoir circa She is obviously turned out in very fine clothes, the bodice and lace-work petticoat visible beneath a brilliantly coloured embroidered and trimmed robe, with engageantes and kidskin gloves.

Dressing gowns were relatively simple, but by no means plain, and worn over bedclothes, undergarments, or nothing, particularly useful for bathing. This article would have been the most common and versatile of the three.

Wrappers were usually quite ornate and designed to be worn over a complete set of undergarments including crinolines, and tailored to fit like a dress, accentuating shoulders, bosom, and waist. They were sometimes open at the front of the skirting to show off decorative petticoats beneath. Petticoats and crinoline covers were specifically crafted with a triangle of lace for this purpose. A lady might wear her wrapper as far as the breakfast room and still maintain respectability.

Peignoirs were a little different, and became somewhat racy. The word literally means comb in French. It was a lightweight often chiffon robe worn over night or day clothes while a woman prepared her tresses, or more likely had them prepared by her maid.

It would catch the loose strands of hair, and any excess powders or pomades applied. The word started to be misused in Britain around as a fancy term for a dressing gown or bathrobe, and by the end of the century sometimes included long gloves and stockings of the same material for occasions when a lady might be seen in her nightclothes, such as visiting family or friends, and during travel. Remember, even the palaces of Britain had shared bathrooms and water closets.

Such a sheer outfit with nothing underneath probably led to many exciting boudoir adventures. Indeed, the boudoir jacket that appeared late in the s was a combination of the peignoir and night-jacket, usually being short, lacy, and tailored to follow the curves of the torso. Of all the garments covered in this article, Kate Tattersall listed her night-jacket the most frequently, adoring the soft wool cashmere and pink satin trim. She took it with her on many of her travels.

The luxurious garment was a gift from her stepmother. Please note, there are countless museums that provide excellent examples of these garments. For ease of photo credits, the images used in this article are all from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. For a condemned prisoner it acted as a hood to hide their face during hanging.

Women could wear a bonnet with a veil. In both instances, male or female, it depended on what an individual could afford.

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