DON’T ever wear white leggings unless you’re wearing a long shirt, tunic or dress with them. Above all, make sure you feel comfortable in leggings, or don’t wear them at all. Confidence is key!

This may be a solution for you. I thought it was a fashion faux pas to wear the black leggings with the lighter short dresses! I am over 60 and love leggins, but have trouble finding things to wear with them…longer tunics, etc.

One of the best long tops to wear with leggings is a long, slim sweater. This rich olive one has a flattering boatneck neckline that creates width up top and makes your shoulders look broad, which in turns makes you bottom half look slimmer.
Find long tops to wear with leggings at ShopStyle. Shop the latest collection of long tops to wear with leggings from the most popular stores - all in.
The fit is loose and the length is long. Plus, a gathered hem and binding on the edges of the neckline, cuffs, and hems make sure this shirt won’t shift around during low-impact studio classes.
Sep 11,  · You want to wear a long shirt, preferably a tunic. Tunics are made with leggings in mind. Make sure to buy your long shirt so it goes about 2 inches below your rear truexfilepv.cfs:
One of the best long tops to wear with leggings is a long, slim sweater. This rich olive one has a flattering boatneck neckline that creates width up top and makes your shoulders look broad, which in turns makes you bottom half look slimmer.
For which body type would leggings be suitable?

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Report your issue Only associates can see this. It is just not proper to walk around making us look at your butt. Some dudes might want to see it, but to be honest, no one's butt no matter how much you work out! It just simply leaves nothing to the imagination.

So cover it up! Let's not even mention no one wants to see the front region either while you are wearing them. Just remember to cover it up, girls! Second, you can achieve this same look with a cute dress, a sweater dress, or a short skirt. Sometimes a skirt or a dress is just too short to look appropriate unless you are wearing leggings under it. Leggings are often a quick fix for the, "Is this skirt too short?

The bottom line is you are still keeping the private regions covered and that is the correct way to wear them. Jeggings are like leggings' weird second cousins. I don't recall jeggings being around when leggings originally became popular, but nonetheless, they are cute and most of us have embraced them. Just keep in mind, they are still not jeans, even if they are made to look like denim.

Also, please remember they are not skinny jeans either. So please don't treat them as such. Treat them the same way you would treat leggings. The same "cover it up" rules apply. Sure, we all have some really thick tights in a dresser somewhere. That does not make them leggings. Tights go under skirts and dresses. They are not pants at all. Tights should not ever be considered pants and worn without a skirt, dress, or a pair of shorts if you are feeling really bold.

However, there are those of you that attempt to push the limits of good taste. Oh yes, I have seen you at the mall. You are wearing hot pink tights, a shirt, and polka dot underwear. You know who you are! Clearly you are wearing tights since everyone can see your underwear. It does not look stylish or trendy. Instead, people pity you because they think you walked out your house without remembering to put your skirt on. I know this is an article about leggings, but while I am on the subject of styles gone wrong, I want to point out a disturbing new leggings-related fashion error.

I've noticed some younger women, like college students, are starting to wear tunics as if they are actual dresses. I realize some websites are calling tunics "tunic dresses," but they are still intended to be worn with leggings. The same way the photo above shows the leggings without a shirt or tunic covering it properly, that is merely for display purposes.

The same goes for any photo showing off just a tunic without leggings. Please do not go out sporting a tunic without a pair of leggings. We can tell it is not a real dress. You might think us older chicks are just out of style, but that is not the case. We just know you cannot wear a tunic without some pants. Please do us all a favor and put some leggings on underneath your tunic.

Not only do I thank you for taking the time to read all about the proper way to wear leggings, I also thank you if you follow these rules. As a matter of fact, I am sure the world thanks you for properly wearing them from now on.

Now go out there and wear some leggings! To comment on this article, you must sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Dolores Monet, I have the same problem with tops. I have a long torso, but short legs. I can wear a tunic or a short dress just like a regular top sometimes. It may also be possible to tuck them under, but I am not sure if they will stay. I must admit I use boots as a solution to that problem. Well I'll miss the whole tunic and leggings trend.

I have an awful time finding tops that are long enough. So many are so short that I can't reach up without showing my midsection and at my age, it ain't something ya really wanna see. A nice long tunic covers it all up and is so comfortable! I've noticed people not wearing long shirts with leggings so much anymore. Although I still think you need to keep things covered up some, I know you are not alone with this opinion.

Thanks for dropping by! I like wearing leggings because they're comfortable, but I wearing them without a long shirt would feel sooo weird.

Victoria Lynn - I used to wear them in the 80s and now I am wearing them again. They are great pants since I like to have a variety of pants to wear and leggings are so cheap. Also, they are very forgiving when a person gains a little weight or has a big meal. As a matter of fact, I think I have been thinking about leggings too much lately - I am actually writing an entirely new hub about leggings.

I also target yoga pants in this one, too. I expect I will be done with it around Monday or Tuesday. Thanks for the votes! DzyMsLizzy - Oh no, the stirrup pants! They were so awkward because you had to be the perfect height for them. If you were a little too tall, it would basically keeping pulling your pants down all day.

I remember that weird pocket that would form at the top of my legs as those pants tried to go south all day long. I hope they never make a comeback!!! Thanks for the vote and thanks for the comment. Laughed my rear off!

Well, metaphorically speaking anyway. Regrettably not actually possible. I remember these--but we never called them "leggings," they were just "stretch pants. And even further back, there were 'stirrup pants' which were the same exact thing, but with a sling at the bottom that fitted under you foot, holding the pants from creeping upwards.

I'm dating myself now! I wore leggings in the 80s--with long, very long, shirts. I don't like them anymore now. I prefer looser clothing these days.

What are they thinking? Especially in a professional setting. Oh, I feel your pain! Usually skinny people can still make leggings work for them. One of my friends wears a really long shirt or dress over leggings and then puts boots on. The boots give the appearance that your legs are not as skinny. Hope that works for you!

Impressive article, I am too skinny whenever I wear leggings my leg look like a toothpick so what could be the alternative that I can wear? Or how to make leggings suits on me. Thank you so much. I also have one about the pajamas, too.

Now could you please address the people who insist on going out in public to the grocery store and else where in their Pajamas and slippers?????? I've gained some weight recently, so leggings are my best pants right now I think someone that does not know how to even spell the word ridiculous might not want to judge me. I am trying to help others not look ridiculous when wearing things in an inappropriate way that grosses out the rest of society. Have a nice day! How rediculous you sound. How about you let others wear things the way they want.

I hate it when people are so insistant about the right and wrong ways to wear things. Its quite pathetic really. Sunshine - I think with a long shirt or a skirt, leggings can look good on adults, but it is all about the style of the leggings and how it compliments the rest of the outfit.

I've seen some horrific leggings nightmares at the mall. For this reason, leggings are bound to go out of style soon for the rest of us.

Thanks for the comment! Thanks for sharing this with your daughter. Even though it sounds like she doesn't need the help, she probably knows girls that do. Thanks for the timely useful information you shared with us. I will be sharing this with my teen-aged daughter who is fond of wearing leggings, though there is not much to worry about but just in case she forgot and goes overboard: There should be an age limit on who wears leggings.

Under ten yrs old, maybe younger. I've never seen anyone over the age of ten look good in a pair of leggings. Thank you for getting on board with me on this one. In a perfect world, everyone would follow the rules of leggings. I know it isn't happening when I see the way people are dressed at the mall, but I can only do so much.

I think there are a few people I work with who could do with reading this I love my leggings, but only ever wear them out of my house with a long top, or a woolen dress and boots. I wouldn't inflict my horrendous backside on anyone!!! Trust me, I see the same look in the U. I am not just talking about skinny or average sized girls either. Great article, if only more people would pay attention! Walking down any street in England, you're pretty much guaranteed to see a girl wearing poor quality, black leggings as if they were skinny jeans - normally with white underwear underneath which you can see all too much of.

I suspect you and your classmates are really skinny and can get away with it to some degree. It still doesn't mean it is a good idea, but I see it everyday and appreciate you admitting you do it. I appreciate you views and opinions but it doesn't mean I'm going to stop. I think it looks really good: I'm really happy I could help.

If I can just change one life at a time with this hub, I feel good. I hope she takes your advice. Tunics were created for a reason. I definitely need to show this hub to my younger sister! She's 14 and she is one of those girls who wears leggings with short shirts and also wears jeggings as jeans. I tell her it looks ridiculous and she just won't listen to me. I'm showing her this for sure! Thanks for the humorous yet very informative read.

Yes, Shaina, feel free to buy some leggings and just simply wear them the right way. Too many people are exposing the world to way too much! With a long shirt or tunic, leggings look great. Thanks for dropping by and happy I could help! You've done a very good job with this and I enjoyed reading! I've been meaning to get leggings but then I go to the mall and notice how horrible most of the girls make them look there. Now I know for sure that they aren't ment to be worn those ways.

Thanks for letting me know I can wear leggings without joining the circus!!! I am glad you think so. I can't believe some of the interesting looks I see when I am out. Even just a tag that says, "No one wants to see your butt; wear a tunic. I am glad I inspired you to try them again with tunics. It can be a great look. Thanks for reading and thanks for the comment!

I stopped wearing them cuz i thought i looked really fat in them. After reading your article, i just want to get a proper tunic for them!! I want to buy more leggings yay!! I am glad you are on board with my mission, too. Everyone should wear leggings the correct way! Thank you for your support. I hope people take your tips with them the next time they are out shopping for leggings.

Get it right, ladies. Print out Jeannieinabottle's tips and tape them to your full length mirror to make sure you follow the rules of leggings to a "T". You know the correct way to wear leggings! Thanks for sharing with everyone. That way, anyone that is in doubt can read how you wear them and do the same. I wear black leggings in the summer at times, but with long, stylish tops and nice accessories to match.

I love them as they are comfortable and gives me freedom of movement. Yes, I do think a warning label might help out people buying leggings. Maybe then they would understand how to wear them correctly.

And no, you are not alone at all with your opinion on leggings I do also agree with you on stores having more long top options. Sometimes I buy a long top, yet it shrinks after one wash! No wonder they go out of fashion. Maybe they should come attached with a warning! I can't believe the sights I see walking around the mall and even in the work place. Thanks for speaking up on this subject. I thought it was me not being open minded! It would be nice to have more long tops in the stores to choose from though.

Oh Jennifer, you've opened up a whole new subject. I've actually debated this myself as to whether yoga pants are leggings, and if so, do different rules apply to them? I have been known to wear yoga pants and not keep my rear end covered. However, since they are thicker, I think this is more acceptable. I am honestly not sure. I am considering investigating this subject further for a future hub. Thanks for the vote up and for the comment! I guess I consider my yoga pants to be a part of the legging family.

They're a staple for my around the house mommy look. I didn't wear many leggings when they were in fashion in the 80's and they're not any easier to find now. For them to be long enough I need a 35" inseam. A top that is long enough to cover my bottom is just as much trouble. I'll wear leggings under ski pants or around the house, but I do wear yoga pants to the grocery store sometimes.

When you see people there in their mismatched pajamas and house shoes I don't feel like I've fallen too far off the fashion mark. Thanks for sharing your fashion tips. Voted up and sharing! Thanks for the votes up! Leggings are so cute if worn the right way. Thanks for helping promote my hub.

Voted up up and up! I love leggings - my favorite look is my black leggings with ankle boots - long shirt and cute vest! Saiorse - Wow, thank you for being brave enough to admit you are one of the people that shows off without the tunic! It is not necessarily the panty lines that offends people though Some things are just not meant to be seen by everyone. But thank you for stepping up and admitting you proudly wear your leggings without the long shirt.

I see this look everyday, so I know there are people out there doing it. I hate to admit that I am old enough to have worn leggings, in the 's in high school. Back then, we never thought about pantylines, and I have to admit that I showed more than my share, in grey, and white leggings back then!!

With the fashion trends coming back to tight, unforgiving leggings, showing every little 'evil' bit of the chocolate that we adore, why hide all of the soft, cuddly parts, under tunics? My Fiancé loves when I wear tight leggings, with a visible pantyline! I am happy you both agree. I am hoping to force everyone to wear leggings the right way so not to offend the public. Thanks for reading and for the comments!

Jeannieinabottle, Great legging tips! You have made some suggestions that will be helpful to many! Leggings are wonderful and can be "flattering" when worn tastefully Totally agree with your comments - leggings can be very flattering if worn the right way! I am glad you are on board with me on this one.

I believe improper use of leggings is what ruined the fad the first time around. They are so comfortable and it is a shame that people don't get it. Everyone must stop abusing the look and wear some long sweaters.

of over 10, results for "long shirt to wear with leggings" Sherosa Womens Basic Casual Long Sleeve Slim Fit T Shirt Dress Tunic Top. by Sherosa. $ - $ $ 5 $ 17 99 Prime. FREE Shipping on eligible orders. Some sizes/colors are Prime eligible. out of . One of the best long tops to wear with leggings is a long, slim sweater. This rich olive one has a flattering boatneck neckline that creates width up top and makes your shoulders look broad, which in turns makes you bottom half look slimmer. Shop for tunic shirts leggings online at Target. Free shipping on purchases over $35 and save 5% every day with your Target REDcard.