One of our favourite selections from the new collection is the Endsleigh Oxford shirt, which is cut to a tailored fit, with a slimmer body and definition through the sleeves.

Seriously, a button-down collar is a great look, but a casual one, and is simply inappropriate with semi-formal and formal clothes of which the only one a modern man is likely to wear is the tuxedo. Why not a button down with a tux? I also have to chuckle: A broadcloth shirt with a buttondown collar, or even a pinpoint oxford would go quite nicely with a suit.

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Welcome to British GQ. This site uses cookies to improve your experience and deliver personalised advertising. There's little that won't go with an Oxford shirt. Because of its collar it's.
GQ’s Style Treason: Buttondown “Not A Dress Shirt” November 10, In last month’s issue of GQ, the magazine managed to twice make an assertion that puzzled us here in Tradsville: namely, that a buttondown-collared shirt is not a dress shirt.
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Think of Your Dress Shirt as Your Bulletproof Vest. It's the first thing you put on and your last line of defense. When you button it up in the morning, you should feel confident, in control, even.
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Welcome to British GQ. This site uses cookies to improve your experience and deliver personalised advertising. Should I tuck my shirt in or not? An Oxford shirt with a button-down collar.

At least, not most of them. Brooks Brothers original polo collar oxfords are pretty dressy. But still needs to go on the list due to its versatility.

Otherwise, the thicker OCBDs are best used in more smart casual environments. Noticing a pattern here? White and light blue are the foundation of your shirt lineup. You could easily get away with wearing white and light blue shirts for your entire life.

What do you get when you combine a white shirt and a blue shirt? You get a white and blue striped shirt. Green, pink, gray, it can all work. These look great tieless with a solid suit or sportcoat, or, under a sweater with jeans or chinos. Starting to break free from solids, but still sticking with a white and blue foundation. A windowpane is just different enough from the stripes that most guys default to.

When it comes to the size of the squares, ideal is between a pencil eraser and a quarter. If your wardrobe leans more casual, button down collars on these shirts would absolutely work and be more versatile for day-to-day life. Color is up to you. Did you take a poll of the 1,, Italian men who do this?

Are you certain their intentions are ironic? But at the very least he is a fan of the OCBD, whether or not he wears his with suits:.

I liked Brooks Brothers, but when it came to button-down collar shirts I preferred those made by Gant. Press, during which time they became masters of the oxford cloth button-down. A glance at history. My father wore a suit to work in New York every day from the s to the s. I do not remember him in anything but a Brooks Brothers button down. The button-down shirt has been accepted office attire, even in the stuffiest old-line law firms and corporate law departments, since at least just after WWII; and that would include a period during which men of that profession would rarely if ever wear a suit that was anything but blue or gray.

Of course, forward point and spread collars were and are equally acceptable, unless you happened to be arguing a case before the late Chief Justice Burger in the U. The story probably just a legend goes that a lawyer stood to argue and Burger noticed he was wearing a button-down. When next you appear it will be in a plain-point collar shirt. This is a common mispercecption.

We should all remember that the button down collar shirt, introduced by Brooks Bros. UnabashedlyPrep recently profiled himself wearing sweatpants with tasseled loafers…..

Press is nearly singular in its support. I live in California, and here any shirt with buttons on it do snaps count? By this logic, the button-down is the most formal, as it has the highest button count.

The following is from one of many dictionaries with materially identical definitions; look at the second meaning. I think your mistaken. Having the ends of the collar fastened down by buttons: AEV- How many exceptions to your fake rule will it take before you admit that you are incapable of separating useful rules from your personal opinions? People do it, they look good doing it. The point was, of course, that not just my Dad did it.

It was the dominant style. Buckley ever wear anything else? And of course it was conservative, not at all like wearing flip-flops.

I remember being a freshman in college in and seeing a young man on campus wearing a pink Brooks Brothers button down — distinctive roll, distinctive color. It was clear we shared a common language, and we began talking to each other as though we knew each other — no introduction needed. The shirt was the introduction. Then follow it with, but I wear mine with a Tux, pajama top or whatever you fancy.

You will have answered the question correctly AND let them know you are a free spirit? This comment thread is far too long. The picture they used at the top was not an OCBD it was nearly see through obviously broadcloth or end on end. I think we can all agree Run of the mill Oxford cloth is not terribly refined with its rough weave.

The advice was sound in England or anywhere else in regard to the fabric they just lumped the button down in as part of the statement. In fact they may even accuse home of inputting a bit of sprezzatura there that should get everyone fired up. AEV, I might be willing to agree with you: However, since the sack jacket sporting or suiting for which both the Ivy Heyday Years I.

Look at the J. Since someone asked, yes, WFB frequently wore non-button down collar shirts with suits…. But, the reality — in my opinion — is that that brief trend was more of hangover from the casual and campus obsessed s…..

Fortunately for CC, swinging golf clubs at the Brooks Brothers simulator is neither. Never engage an unarmed man in a battle of the wits.

It only makes the pig happy and you covered in pig shit. I thought I would offer comment on the button-down collar question as the first I have made to this site.

The traditional American cut suit is not very popular in Canada where I live—in fact, it is extremely rare. However, the button-down shirt is an American classic that has spread around the world, and may be worn wherever one feels comfortable doing so.

He was of the opinion that button-down shirts are best worn with blazers and odd jackets. In Canada, they are, in fact, seldom worn with suits. You wear formal business suits, do you not work formal business hours? To be sure, I am certain about my opinion.

Prepared to defend it, even. This rube wears both spread and BD. I own a few suits a BD would look inappropriate with. I respect the point of view that the button-down is too casual for a suit.

It follows certain traditions that have existed, which I acknowledge. In my casual office place, it allows me to dress a step above, while still having an air of relaxation. I typically wear them with trousers and a sport coat or blazer, but I utilize the same effect to dress down suits.

I have no prejudice towards the straight collar, I just prefer the button-down, same as my father. That will never be the case, however, as most men are not gentlemen or professionals, nor do they aim to be. Now, let me say that there is no issue with wearing a button down in the USA. Pair it with a suit, and feel free to pair that suit with loafers. There are dissenters, but it remains acceptable here.

The Brits do things a little differently, so try to fit in if you hope to stay there for long. But God help you if you start dressing like a Continental. One of the most powerful men in Wall Street as well as D. Do a Google image search of Warren Buffet, who wears a non-casual suit everyday and low and behold, in button-down collar shirts, almost exclusively! His other claim to style fame was hanging out in NYC with the s counter-culturists like Andy Warhol.

Warhol might have worn OCBDs, but he was no traditionalist. Having been lucky enough to be around many leaders of business as an observer due to my job, not my status , I can tell you that a button down collar is common. And it is far less of a sartorial sin than wearing a pink shirt or brown shoes with a navy suit. Buttton Down over there, all erudite and such. The collar speaks volumes. The recipient of an education that featured a core curriculum, no doubt.

Including the sciences, math, history, and philosophy. Comment by SartoriallyCavalier — November 10, 4: Both the material and the collar style affect the formality of a shirt, as do the placket, the cuffs, and the pocket s. To my not-bound-by-Ivy League-style mind, button-down shirts are better with sport coats, and straight collar shirts with suits.

Having said that, a button-down is fine with a more casual suit. I prefer button-down shirts with bow ties. How is this wrong? Comment by Lando — November 12, 6: Get a life frat boys. What an asinine comment. Clearly, the readership of this blog cares about this issue. I think the graphic in the article is part of this tendency to put down those with liberal arts degrees.

Introduced by Brooks Brothers in , they were patterned after the shirts of polo players and were used exclusively on sports shirts until the s in America. It is still considered a more sporting style, and, particularly outside America, traditionally dressed men still do not wear suits with this style of collar. I do not doubt that a button down shirt is not the most formal shirt, but to say it is not a suit appropriate shirt is a stretch.

Look at what is actually worn by real people and not what is talked about on the internet and in fashion magazines emphasis on fashion. At this point I have no idea. I very much doubt that they are abiding by all of these rules handed down to us from fashion writers. Comments made above about the liberal arts would lead one to conclude that western literature and civilization are only considered valuable if the protagonists are straight white males.

If other points of view are included it means the liberal arts have gone downhill and are no longer worth studying.

I take a different view. The point of a liberal education should be to study and learn about those things that are most valuable and illuminating in respect of the human condition, irrespective of the skin pigmentation, gender or sexual orientation of the writer, composer, painter, mathematician, etc.

We demean the very foundation of human achievement when we look to such factors as a basis to levy a kind of pre-judged value on the work of its creator. I agree with A. Mason about the aim of a liberal education. Today such a course is impossible and eighteenth-century women writers are justly prized. Virginia Woolf says the same thing a century later. In any case, S.

Do you have yours on? These days the first three are interviewing for burger-flipper jobs. The interviewer is the liberal arts major who got a head start on working up the fast food chain. White males are after all those the ones who have given the most to civilization, with a few obvious exceptions of course.

Even with a tux which is taking things too far, I admit. Do we really need ObrienCare? I like the button down collar.

I think men look best with it around their neck. It lends distinction to not so nice necks and elegance to nice necks.

It is a strong look. It is a prestigious look. Why not a button down with a tux? All that tying and knotting and buttoning kinda really tucks one in like a military bedsheet. I will encourage the formal BD option. It is a worthy exploration. I would also like to explore whether the often cited BrksBrthrs and JPrs and notable others even know what heckles they are doing.

They are salesmen for petesake and are capable of taking the strangest viewpoints and directions in hopes of moving a weak offering. Retailers are fishing for men, and trying to see what bites or even nibbles in this current emerging mega digital economy. The retailers are like ObrienCare, they make little laws out of suggestions and demand we follow. Anyhoo, sorry for long wind passing. I know its getting stinky in here. Can somebody start a club where I can come join for drinks in my BD formal get up please?

Seriously, a button-down collar is a great look, but a casual one, and is simply inappropriate with semi-formal and formal clothes of which the only one a modern man is likely to wear is the tuxedo. Heck, wear your tuxedo to church, or to work. Be the best-dressed man on the bus! Almost no one will notice, or care about, the style of your shirt collar.

OCBD with a blazer, slip on loafers, and repp tie; pinpoint spread or point collar with suits, lace-up shoes and always when wearing a bow tie. It certainly has an important place in my wardrobe and that of many American men. Cherry picking the internet and finding pictures of old men in suits and OCBDs has nothing to do with this discussion at all. I can just as easily find famous men wearing spread collar shirts. Solid light pink spread collar shirts are rebellious?

Was it worn commonly years ago as formal, business wear? Perhaps it was — it was a trend to do so…. If you want to dress like an antique or a romanticized version of Take Ivy , go right ahead. Young guys wearing OCBDs with suits today look like old fashioned Poindexters playing dressup or hipsters who stumbled upon the J.

PressxUrban Outfitters rack not unlike the young guys that start wearing bow ties too early…. An OCBD is the easiest and least fetishy thing that can be worn. And it is not just Brooks who sells them.

Non button down collar shirts have been around, esp as formal wear, in this country and many others, for far, far longer than OCBDs. Crew, America Eagle, etc. My issue is with them making the rather forced jump to formal, business suit attire.

Every day you reached in you closet, out came the suit. Days when you were primarily at your desk, very little internal or external exposure on that day or week. Hence, many a proper dresser, eased into OCBD and loafers with, the suit.

I see nothing wrong with wearing a button-down with a tie, I think they look sufficiently smart! Judging by their graphic, is any type of collar acceptable?! Your evidence is anecdotal, and cherry-picked. Style is what I wear. Button-down is the essence of business, Britain be-damned. I am, no doubt, weighing in far too late. I wear them with my old school Burberry blazer with the burnished Prorsum buttons, too.

Besides, this is not a secret. Absolutely nonsense from GQ, forever leading the sheep off the cliff. I am English and have always worn a white button-down to every job interview of mine and got every job. It annoys me when magazines publishes stuff like this. In the first reference, they are specifically speaking about an oxford cloth buttondown. This type of buttondown is NOT a dress shirt. You should not ever wear them with a nice suit. A buttondown can be made in either a dress shirt or oxford.

The shirts are made of a totally different material and have a different feel. I find myself agreeing with Marci. A broadcloth shirt with a buttondown collar, or even a pinpoint oxford would go quite nicely with a suit. Depends completely on the suit and tie. A button down oxford shirt worn with a natural shoulder sack suit and repp tie is about as Ivy as it gets.

Later, one can learn the exceptions. For example, an Oxford cloth button down shirt with a seersucker suit seems far better than a dressy spread collar shirt that is better worn with a worsted wool suit. Once you know them, then you can break them—but only if you can give both the rule and a good reason to break it.

No Oxford cloth button down shirts with suits. Wearing an Oxford cloth button down shirt pays homage to the style and more casual look. When men argue about the appropriateness of clothing do they not realize that they are not wearing a frock coat with a top hat? Definitely worth bookmarking for revisiting.

I surprise how so much attempt you put to make the sort of great informative website. I would never wear it with a suit. I wear it with a sport coat and slacks, or sportcoat and khakis. I also wear it without a tie. Well, this is something interesting, This is not a style treason i must say. You can check out here http: Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Its purposefully nonchalant roll acts as a counterpoint to an otherwise sedate outfit and tends to give the impression of dressed-down and approachable respectability; figuratively as well as literally, it softens the stiff edges of the appearance… It is the most American of collars, and its intent —which is also the great virtue of American clothing generally — is to relax the appearance, to bring a touch of dishabille to the formality of business garb.

Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window. Grumble Your first mistake was reading GQ. Your second mistake was taking them seriously. Christian November 10, at 2: Duke of Windsor November 10, at 2: Steve November 10, at 3: Alan November 10, at 3: Christian November 10, at 3:

The white oxford shirt is your workaday staple. It’s the garment you’ll wear most frequently to the office [read: in front of your boss]. So it needs to fit you impeccably. The collar roll refers to the arch formed by the collar when it's buttoned down to the shirt. Good versions have a generous, rounded roll that extends out and away from the shirt's neck. August 10, The white oxford shirt has been a wardrobe staple since the 19th century. Every man's gotta have one. It's the perfect go-to for those days when you don't feel like committing to.