I don’t know if these jeans are so excitingly great for other sizes, but I’ve worn size 14 jeans for at least 15 years and these are the best I’ve found so far. And they’re £ (EDIT: eeep – .

This brand has cool girl styles and have been InStyle editor-tested. They are a lower cut around the waist and fit great.. But where to go?

They run from 00 to 20, which makes them ideal for women who wear in-­between sizes (12, 14, 16) since the cut doesn’t become disproportionately wider in the hip above a Another takeaway: Stretchy fabric usually means jeans will fit over the waist and stay tight in the back.
We’ve touched already on how to find the best jeans for women with big butts, flat butts, large thighs, and short torsos, so now we’re taking on the best jeans for plus-size women. Think: NYDJ, Good American, Levi's, and Universal Standard, just to name a few).
I don’t know if these jeans are so excitingly great for other sizes, but I’ve worn size 14 jeans for at least 15 years and these are the best I’ve found so far. And they’re £ (EDIT: eeep – .
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The mid-rise is high enough to hold you in without creating the dreaded muffin-top but not high enough to be considered "mom jeans. They have a similar cut in dress pants and cords, too. I forgot to add that the "petites" have a pretty long inseam. I would guess it's at least a 30" or 31" inseam which is long for petite. They are also available in a regular and long inseam. Trying to find jeans is like trying to find a swimming suit. You gotta try a lot on to find just one good one.

I just have to try on a million pair of jeans to find ones that fit well. My favorites have been Levi found in the junior dept, usually. They are between low and high so I don't feel like a nerd and I don't show crack lol! Saturday Night Live refers to that as a "coin slot" lol! Anyway, they are stretchy so they conform to my fit better. As the day goes on, they get stretched out like any jeans I've ever worn and start to fall a bit. I can live with that one minor irritation especially since they are high enough to not show the coin slot!

All I can suggest is you get away and try on tons of jeans for find the ones for you Even though you are so excited to get in to a smaller size as rightly so after having a baby, the weight will come in time. Several jean companies make jeans that will work great, the secreat is buying pants a little big, regardless of the size you are if your clothing is too tight it will produce the dreaded muffin top.

After my pregnancies I went and bought a new pair every 4 months always having that pair that fit me perfectly meaning a little big and was out less than 10 dollars. I would invest my money in a good belt. Wear your belt high in the back and in the middle of your baby love.

A nice interesting buckle draws the eye to it and away from the extra. If you have more questions about belts love belts let me know. If you are dieing to buy some jeans yesterday-- go to a "Lucky" brand carriers they have a good forgiving cut in several of their styles has does Levi.

Also be kind to yourself, your amazing body made a baby and just because it is common to have a baby it doens't make it any less of a miracle.. Celebrate what you have done, and kiss the little one! I may have your answer!! There is a website called www. It's a jeans fitting website! It asks you questions about your body and how you like your jeans to fit. Then it gives you a list of jeans that will fit your body best. And where to find them.

It also fits pants and bras. I haven't had a chance to try my list of jeans yet but when I first heard about the website I went there to check it out and the jeans I had just recently bought were on the list!! Did you ever get the right pair of jeans??? I'd love to know what you went with? I know this was posted in 08 but I'm hoping you read this. Try Lee Riders, they are awesome, I too am between 12 and 14 now and they stretch a bit, look nice on and hide my mommy flaws, hee hee.

Target carries them I believe, or Walmart. It is really hard to dress yourself after having a baby because you no longer know what looks good on you. I tried on many different kinds of jeans after I had my first and got the pooch and extra weight. I like the boot cut style though but I am sure both brands offer great straight legged jeans as well.

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Report This Comments optional Report. I love levis too - but they change their styles to often and that frustrated me. You can find them online in a range of colours here. Loads of you have commented on Instagram about this post yey! I think I probably prefer the long ones.

So, thankyou for saving me from the dreaded changing room struggle! These look fab — will take a look online now. Also, I find River Island Molly jeans to be a well sized, comfortable high rise fit, and come in at around the same price as these.

Thank you so much for this. I will definitely try the M and S ones. I find after having children my body shapes changed so much: You look flipping awesome in those jeans! I have had the same issues with denim. I now own 3 pairs of their jeggings not too thin, fit really well and a pair of the relaxed skinny ones.

I absolutely love them. I just bought these jeans because of this blog post! Really excited for these to arrive now! Your email address will not be published.

But where to go?

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The Best Jeans for Your Shape. By. Bernadett, a size 14, wanted everyday jeans she could run around town in and wear out for date night. The answer? Sleek but not painted-on jeggings. "I feel. I don’t know if these jeans are so excitingly great for other sizes, but I’ve worn size 14 jeans for at least 15 years and these are the best I’ve found so far. And they’re £ (EDIT: eeep – . For now unless you have money laying around that you don't know what to do with, go to your local second hand store (salvation army/ DI) and buy some jeans couple of sizes to big, buying the jeans the other moms in time didn't fit either.