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Polos are definitely still popular and so are short sleeve button downs. I don't think there is anything wrong with either as long as they fit appropriately, have good collars, and are a good fabric/pattern.
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What you are saying is what people who don't want to put the time and effort in say. My point is that you shouldn't convince yourself it's not worth doing because nothing will change. If you just workout and eat Clean and at a caloric surplus you'll bulk up.

Unless you aren't human. Perhaps he's convinced himself it's not worth it simply because he really doesn't care about getting any bigger. I can certainly tell you that's the case with me. I'm a stick, but since I'm well dressed, a reasonably successful socialite, and don't lack self confidence, it's near impossible for me to convince myself to put in much exercise effort despite being fully aware of the benefits to those things and my general health.

Dude, you're missing the point too. I don't care whether he wants to or not, that's irrelevant. But saying it's genetics that makes him not gain muscle is the part I take issue with. This has nothing to do with his personal work out habits it has to do with misinformation. Ahw man I was in your boat. Just start doing some pushups when you're bored, like 30 seconds worth, and just keep doing them. When I'm studying and feel like a break I'll do some pushups, jumping jacks, and a plank and just go back to studying.

I went from wet noodle arms to slightly stuffed ravioli arms in like a month. I actually do a ton of pushups and lift every day but I do a ton of cardio this morning I ran a 10 mile in Wet noodle was a bit of an funny stretch, I'd say I have above average size arms since I work out every day but they are slim compared to my more stocky and stout friends who can add bulk like it's their job.

Don't let any of these office chair warriors catch you talking about workout though they will just tell you how you're wrong since they obviously watch your workout routine every day. This is why I pretty much stuck to long sleeve shirts. I have a few short sleeve shirts and since it's getting warmer I have to wear them sooner or later.

I hate having tiny arms. Actually that makes your point really well because IIRC he tailored that himself from a larger long sleeve shirt. Usually I associate short sleeve button ups with Dwight from the Office, but your comment and link definitely changed my perception. I think of the Dean from community. I don't hate short sleeve button ups on their own, but with a tie I can't stand.

He thrifted a big shirt and tailored it himself. But currently you can find navy button-ups with white polka-dots or pin-dots in many places. I'm going to quote myself from a thread that asked "Can someone please tell me why we hate short sleeve button up shirts? That seems to be an old, outdated adage from days of MFA past. Short sleeve shirts are fine. It depends on the specific shirt, how you dress, context , etc.

You can look like IT nerdlinger if you wear them like Dwight Schrute. They don't have to look like that though. I find prints and patterns easier to work with for short sleeve shirts but there's no rule about it or anything. Don't think they have to be slim fitting either. Baggier short sleeve shirts can look great too given it works with the rest of the fit.

Totally irrelevant, but I can't help but look at your last link and think that he looks like he works at Trader Joe's Lol I can see that! That photo is from epaulet but Wolf vs Goat has the same pattern out now too. Maybe I should buy it and try to get an employee discount on various chocolates and nuts. At the very least I might get to ring that bell. There was also that awesome thread about Hawaiian shirts which were all short sleeved.

To me someone living in Houston it feels like there are an awful lot of people on this sub who live in the northeast who don't consider that some people might not. I'm not saying you have to wear short sleeves in Houston, but I think it's more acceptable in more situations. This has got to be the third or fourth thread I've read on this subject in the past couple of weeks.

Where are you reading this info? Every one I've seen has basically come down to "it can look good if you keep the sleeves slim". But I think some people are misreading that as avoiding them always. Well im no expert so someone else could probably make a better case than me, but some of the styles in those guides are starting to become outdated.

Its really only the most extreme examples used. I understand the majority is meant to be timeless to offer a foundation for new fashion heads. I reject the idea that anything's timeless but I also don't like the idea of a basic guide for beginners that jumps on trends floral-print shorts, band collars, etc. I agree as well, but i think a fashion guide should cover all spectrums regardless of the intended audience.

That's like saying street wear makes you look like an adolescent, or work wear makes you look like a dad noted below , or goth ninja makes you look like a serial killer. Its about execution, really. Men's fashion doesn't have a great many options when you veer towards style and away from fashion.

But executing something well can make the difference from random guy at prom to exquisitely dressed Don Draper. Or random dad throw in on what's closest, to making people swoon. So on and so forth. I think that in general, perhaps you're right. And street wear can certainly make you look more youthful, it can be done well so as to not look like a 14 year old. I probably own a couple cardigans but I don't wear them, my wife does. MFA tends to work better with a back and forth discourse on style rather than quips.

I'd agree that MFA has a handful of general styles it caters to certainly not just one , but its not like a dandy would be unwelcome, or techwear would be shunned.

This is an open forum for advice from anyone to Anyone. If there is a lack of diversity, its because there are no requisite people to guide people into those styles. But its a good, reasonable starting place. A lot of people come to MFA to, basically, start dressing like an adult.

This is the forum's bread and butter by demand. If people were coming in to ask about fringe fashions, or even just slightly different views, they'd be welcome. MFA was so useful for me in this regard, especially in developing where I draw my line on what I would or wouldn't wear and how to approach clothing-related decision making. Which one is that?

The jeans, tshirts, chinos, casual button-ups, sneakers, shorts, and suits one? Yeah I loved the episodes where Mr. Or when he rocked this look. And who can forget the episode where he wore this? Damn son, you straight wrecked him!

Mr Rogers ain't wearing any of that shit. That guy better apply some ice to that burn. I had one dude straight up tell me "You have terrible taste" because I preferred tees with elbow-length sleeves. Another guy tried to tell me my tee-sleeve-length preferences were objectively wrong because science. Glad you linked it, solid read, but to be fair, the guy was downvoted a lot, so against the guys point, it's not like that behavior is encouraged at all.

I think that picture is just a really horrible example of the method. I've rolled my short sleeve button downs before and it's important that they already fit well in the bicep and don't flare like those, plus you only roll it to a normal point in the arm, like halfway up the bicep or very slightly higher. I think it looks cool. It actually looks quite good, that picture's just a terrible example.

It has to be a nice roll with no crinkles. I think that is the first time I've ever seen a short-sleeve shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Here's a better example.

That is the only way I wear my short-sleeve shirts. Casual and simple is a great way to execute the short sleeves IMO. I think both of those fits aren't great. One is super loose, the other is awkwardly tight and probably uncomfortable. This or this is a lot better imo , it's a more middleground between the two.

Also, looser short sleeve shirts can definitely work. It is mainly dependent on fabric. This shirt in particular is pretty good, despite being loose. Though you don't quite get the full effect without seeing it in movement, which is a pretty common problem with static WAYWT pictures.

Wearing them loose and open over a t-shirt is great for casual wear, but it wouldn't work in a professional environment. Meh you can get away with short sleeves in a creative industry, but still not an open shirt over a T-Shirt.

I only ever pull off the unbuttoned short sleeve shirt with white tee combo when I'm drunk. Personally, I don't much care for the look, but drunken me likes to not be constrained by the inflexibility of the slim fit short sleeve button down.

I think it would mainly be that you aren't seeing it in movement. I would actually enjoy seeing that. I agree, maybe it's just more billowy than it should be in this still. I pretty much always loathed short sleeved collared shirts, but your examples made me realize that they might be good to have for shorts-friendly occasions. Yeah those ones aren't too tight, but they still hit about mid bicep, which seems like the key.

Would the same rules apply to a short sleeve tee? It seems like people let that slide, but get upset when they are button ups. Much less so for TShirts and I would say polos are somewhere in between the two. The button down shirt just looks awful if it doesn't fit. You can get away with it with TShirts because they are relaxed in nature while the polo is literally a cross between a TShirt and a button down.

Obviously you want them all to fit perfectly but it's basically a necessity for the short sleeved button down. One reason that I haven't seen touched on in this thread is the formality of short sleeves. Short sleeves are less formal and long sleeves are more formal. A button up is more formal and a polo or t-shirt, which are traditionally short sleeved, are less formal. Wearing a short sleeved button down is a clash of formalities. Come live here in the summer and see how many long sleeve button up shirts you end up owning.

Nothing, I own a couple and they are some of my favorite pieces. I get compliments on them all the time because they fit well and make me look buff. Well-fitted short sleeve button ups can look great as a semi-casual option, similar to polos.

However it is out of place if it tries to be a long sleeve button down substitute. As one loses sleeve, one loses formality. Consider the vest and the suit jacket: Traditionally this is because shorter sleeves were markers of the working class.

Even today, one "rolls up one's sleeves" when about to do hard, physical labor. I think this is one of those supposedly hard and fast rules that are fully open to play and interpretation if you are comfortable with yourself and your personal style.

Only the most ardent mfa-fascist would call out the fact that a shirt has short sleeves if its used as part of an overall cohesive look. Don't take all the advice in this place seriously. If you do, you'll often look like you belong in major East Coast city.

Western short sleeve button ups are my favorites shirts. It's fashion - I don't think you need to take any of it seriously. Just find stuff you like - pick and choose. My point was that there's plenty of different perspectives in MFA. I agree with you about not taking clothes too seriously though.

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