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Heck, I might love them so much, I'll wear them around the house! I have a conference to attend in a couple months and although these colorways are no longer available at express, I have found them on some resale sites and ebay for around

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I'm thinking of ordering some dress pants from Express and want to take advantage of their BOGO 50% sale that runs through Monday. Unfortunately, I won't be able to .
Express pants are the only pants that can get away with office hours and after hours affairs. Break free from the day-to-day dress pants and ruffled top. Women's Express Editor pants are comfortable, but they manage to remain stylish and professional.
Nov 06,  · Ok, I went back to Express to exchange my bold herringbone Editor pant since they fit weird. But then I ended up trying on the Columnist pant style again (hated them when I first tried them on years ago but don't remember why), and actually think I may like it better than Editor pant!Author: My Superficial Endeavors.
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Friday, November 6, Express Columnist Pant! The length I bought for all my pants are regular. So these are size 4R. Also got them in size 4R. The are a little bit shorter and fits a bit wider in the legs than the black plaid pair above. The material is stretchier in these though. Also got these in 4R. They fit the loosest in the waist out of the 3 pairs of Columnist pant I got. The print consists of little red and black squares, which from a distance blends together and makes the pant look like a wine color.

I love this color and don't have any pants in this color yet! Got these in size 4R too. They are pretty loose fitting in the waist too, and they are longer than others lol. I think I may need to get them hemmed half an inch or so. The last pair I got is another pair of Editor barely bootcut pant. I can't find the exact color I got online though. They are a marled gray color, and the material feels more like linen.

They fit looser than others, so I got them in size 2R. I tried on 4R and it was way too wide in the hips and looked unflattering. So, I think I'm good with work pants for a while! I'm actually quite excited about this. For a long time now, I've been feeling so tired of all my work pants.

I buy the Editors, not columnists. In my experience, the Editors do have a lot of give, they stretch a whole lot. I'm just glad that so many of you are finally giving these pants a chance. I've been talking about them for a while now: Kari is spot on. For example, the Columnist fits me well, but the Editor does not. Watch the hem width on the Columnist. Some are very flared and some are straight. I drown in the flares, but the straighter bootcut works well. I also like my trouser fit roomy so that it looks more "boyish" and "modern".

I hope that they work out, Sunita. This post has 1 photo. So glad they worked, Jenava! And you chose my favourite Editors out at the moment - the micro check with the colour blocking. Are you comfy with the shirt tucked in like that - just making sure because we spoke about those challenges: Perhaps keep them at this length.

Just a comment "from the other side" - the Editors did not work for me. I wear Halogen Taylor in size 6 and ordered the Editors in 6 and 8. I think that the 8 was a better fit but both were stiff and did not fit well in the crotch area. Maybe it was not a good fabrication for me. I haven't tried the Columnist. I was very happy to go back to wearing Halogen Taylor pants, which fit me perfectly, although mine are a bit on the wide side compared to the sleeker fit of the Express pants.

Thanks for asking about these, Sunita! I'm adding these to my list of trousers to try out now. My order is in, and I'll be trying the Columnists in size 6 and the Editors in 4 and 6. I'll certainly report back when they arrive in the mail! Thanks for the pics Unfortunately, they're sold out or else I'd have given them a try. Thanks for weighing in with your valuable experience.

I'm looking forward to hearing how the pants work out for you Sunita - I'm interested in the cropped coloured Editors. Angie had recommended them as a good possibility for my less than straight bod! I used to wear the editors. I find the newer editor cuts in the last couple years are not as curve friendly. I also think that they tend to be more junior-size.

When I was a size 4 in most dress slacks I wore a 6 in the editors. Thanks to y'all I ordered a slew of Editors last night with the plan to return half or more. With several black blazers, gray of course is a better go-to color than black pants! I measure between two sizes, so I will report back on whether I need to size up or down. I went around measuring various inseams last night and discovered that sometimes 30" is too short and other times just right; I suppose narrower legs pull the pants up.

I am not overly keen on trouser fullness since I think it just makes me look short and fat since I only wear lowish heels at best, but we shall see. Lots of great info here! Now Im excited about the express pants, will be going with the columnist style. Hope they ship to Canada! They are extremely hard to find where Im located. Please enable Javascript in your browser to get the full YLF experience.

Outfits Ensembles Trends Advice. So, I am hoping some of you have experience with the fit and sizing on these pants! I don't mind ordering pants in both sizes, but would like to minimize returns Thanks in advance, and Happy Easter to all! I just bought these for myself, so hopefully I can help I only tried the Editor. I'll wait up a while in case you are able to post those pics soon! I really appreciate your help OK, here's one pair - black and white tweedish fabric with black waistband and trim.

OK ladies, I'm off to place my order, and will report back once the pants arrive. Sorry sunita, I can't be of much help to you. Jeneva and Jewell you look stunning. Those are a 10! So glad they worked out. Often, you have to go up a size. Angie - yes, you were right as usual! I am hearing such good things about the Editors! I shall have to check them out! I hope they work out for you too! You need to be logged in in order to reply.

Express has a wide selection of men's dress pants and suit pants. Available in multiple colors and multiple fits including extra slim, slim, classic and relaxed. At Express you'll find a variety of styles, fits & colors to help you climb to the top of the corporate ladder. Go bold with a fun print or try a wide leg pant to impress the office. Need something more practical? Express pants are the only pants that can get away with office hours and after hours affairs. Break free from the day-to-day dress pants and ruffled top. Women's Express Editor pants are comfortable, but they manage to remain stylish and professional.