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Electrical Plug/Outlet and Voltage Information for Angola - Wall outlets in the Republic of Angola are Type C (CEE 7/16 Europlug) and supply electricity at volts AC / 50 Hz frequency. Chances are you're reading this because you're traveling there from the United States or Canada and are bringing things that will need to be plugged in.
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A new Shoprite opened earlier this week in Angola, in the Saurimo province, with the daily capacity to attend to customers. The Angolan authorities, present at the opening, underlined the importance that the new outlet will have in the creation of new dynamics in local business.
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The validity periods for each are 10, 30, 60, 90 and days respectively. If you are using a dongle or want more data you can book following monthly plans via this link: Movicel is the much smaller operator in Angola with roughly 3 million subscribers. SIM cards are available from their shops for Kz. The base pre-paid tariff is called " Sempre Facil ". Reloads Recargas are available in their shops and from street vendors. Recharging cards are available with Kz, Kz, 2. The standard data rate is 20 Kz per MB and is activated by default.

Movicel offers combo packages that can be booked from your balance with voice data and texting as well as data-only packages. The Karga packages target the younger generation, but can also be booked by the young-at-heart as well. To stop auto-renewal, text 'cancelar ' to and you will move back to the Sempre Facil tariff.

Private sector representatives in the Cabinda area continue to report a heavy security presence by Angolan forces. Serious accidents in Luanda are less common than in the provinces. Traffic accidents increased throughout Angola in This is attributable to newer roads, inexperienced drivers, increased traffic, and continued abuse of alcohol while driving.

Despite ongoing economic challenges, improvements to roads continue. Luanda remains a very congested city for driving. Improvements in traffic flow are likely due to increasing economic stress and infrastructure modernization.

Very few intersections have functioning traffic signals, and those that do are sometimes ignored. Potholes are common, particularly outside of the central business district and off of main roads. These and other hazards complicate driving and make alertness and patience a necessity. In general, road conditions outside of Luanda continue to improve.

Major routes, particular to the south, have been paved in many areas and feature gas stations and other roadside services. Primary roads are generally good between major cities. While some off road-type driving should be expected on any journey of significant distance, travel between major cities is manageable with a four-wheel drive vehicle. Travel on secondary roads, however, often requires additional equipment to manage unpaved and sometimes nearly impassable roads.

The government continues with its robust efforts to enforce national traffic and safety laws, including vehicle inspections, enforcement of speeding laws, and public awareness campaigns to promote safe driving. Sometimes, officials will request a bribe from expatriate drivers. Drivers are encouraged to have all of their paperwork in order so that they can better resist such requests.

Always lock car doors and keep windows rolled up, with packages stored out of sight. Public Transportation Conditions Use of public transportation, other than taxis, is highly discouraged. Many vehicles are poorly maintained, and petty crime aboard crowded buses can be a problem. In , the RSO inspected several local taxi services and, in consultation with other Embassy offices, determined that Morvic tel. Security remains adequate, and cooperation between Angolan and international security partners in aviation security is regular.

The government anticipates the opening of a new international airport in Angolan police have provided, in cooperation with security representatives from cruise lines, appropriate protection for visitors.

Terrorism Threat Post Terrorism Rating: Its precise composition and numbers are unknown. FLEC called the killings a mistake, stating their actual target had been the Angolan forces guarding the team. The Embassy works closely with Angolan and other partners to collect information about threats and to disseminate that information to the U. Similarly, many Americans visit Angola for business or personal travel. Anti-American and Anti-Western sentiment is rare. Medium Civil Unrest Demonstrations occur infrequently in Luanda.

The Constitution and law protect freedom of speech and assembly, but security forces regularly impede demonstrations before they start. The law requires any group to notify the provincial government before any public demonstration takes place.

The provincial government may request the group postpone or cancel the demonstration if it deems the demonstration to be disruptive to public peace or in conflict with another public event.

Sometimes administrative requirements a prohibition on protesting near a government building have been used to stifle public dissent. Protestors have been arrested and detained for marching and gathering in public places without the consent of the provincial government. While most authorized, large public gatherings have a neutral or pro-government tone, opposition protests have sometimes taken place.

Many gatherings and most demonstrations are accompanied by police, ostensibly for the security of all parties. When a demonstration takes place that the government deems disruptive, the police response is usually swift and effective. It is prudent for expatriates to avoid any large gatherings and be mindful of the possibility of violence surrounding demonstrations. No demonstrations took place near the Embassy in , though several marches occurred in the Avalade and Nelito Solares neighrbohoods of Luanda in early and mid On two occasions, confrontations with police resulted in injuries to several demonstrators.

Post-specific Concerns Environmental Hazards Some parts of are vulnerable to flooding and fires. A drought has resulted in crop failures throughout much of the south, beginning in The government is working to address this concern. Angola , a country in Central Africa , is bordered by Namibia in the south, Zambia in the east, and the Republic of Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the north. This country is rich in natural resources with large reserves of oil and diamonds, hydroelectric potential, and rich agricultural land.

Despite this, Angola remains a very poor country, having been ravaged by a bloody civil war from to The people of Angola are stoics. They have a deep understanding of patience, and avoid blaming the difficulties the country faces on the fact that there was war. In fact, Angolans behave as if there was no war although it is deeprooted in every Angolan.

Music is the heart and soul of Angolans, it can be heard anywhere and they use anything as an excuse to party. The country has a wide range of music, mainly Kuduro, Kizomba, Semba, and Tarrachinha, the latter being more sensual than all the others.

In all, it is safe to say that Angolans are fun and loving people with a thirst for more of what life has to give. Angola was a Portuguese colony from to and overseas territory from to After independence, Angola was the scene of an intense civil war from to The country is the second-largest petroleum and diamond producer in sub-Saharan Africa; however, its life expectancy and infant mortality rates are both among the worst ranked in the world.

In August , a peace treaty was signed with a faction of the FLEC, a separatist guerrilla group from the Cabinda exclave in the North, which is still active. Like the rest of tropical Africa, Angola experiences distinct, alternating rainy and dry seasons. The coastal strip is tempered by the cool Benguela Current, resulting in a climate similar to coastal Peru or Baja California.

It is semiarid in the South and along the coast to Luanda. There is a short rainy season lasting from February to April. Summers are hot and dry, while winters are mild. The northern part has a cool, dry season May to October and a hot, rainy season November to April. The interior highlands have a mild climate with a rainy season from November through April followed by a cool dry season from May to October.

The heaviest rainfall occurs in April, and is accompanied by violent storms. The far north and Cabinda enjoy rain throughout much of the year. Officially V, 50 Hz. Also, be aware of the power related problems in Angola. If you plan to rent a house, you for sure should rent a house with a generator. Power outages are quite frequent.

There is very little literature on Angola available and most of the available literature is in Portuguese or in some cases French.

Mendes traveled across the country by train in while the war was still going on in Angola. His account is a fascinating look at the people and the nature of life there during the war. As one of the only journalists in Angola during this very dangerous period, his perspective is rare and full of insight. Passport holders of the following countries do not need a visa to enter Angola when the purpose of the visit is tourism for up to 90 days unless otherwise noted: From 30 March , Angola started issuing tourist visas valid for 30 days in a simplified procedure to visitors from the following countries: Visitors must first apply for a pre-visa online with the Migration and Foreigners Service and after such pre-visa is granted they can obtain a visa on arrival at Luanda Airport.

In order to obtain a pre-visa applicants must submit proof of accommodation and subsistence means, a return ticket and the international certificate of vaccination.

When obtaining a visa from countries to the north, you will often only be issued a 5-day transit visa for Angola. If travelling by road, this will only give you enough time to get to Luanda where it takes up to 4 days to get another five day transit visa.

There are public phones and bank facilities at the airport. The most reliable taxi system from the airport is Afritaxi. Their white vehicles are clearly marked, and they charge per km or per minute, depending on how bad traffic congestion is. They only operate during daylight hours. Eco Tur also runs reliable airport transfers, but you'll need to book in advance.

Entering from the North was, as of , via Luvo, a small town on the Kinshasa-Matadi 'road'.

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